Kade Greenland Film + Content - Wedding Legalities & Agreement Contract

The following legalities and agreement contract effective is by and between "Kade Greenland Film + Content" and the responsible party (specified in part A of the online booking form page) for professional videography and digital editing services acquired for the specified wedding event (specified on booking form page sheet).

Agreement This agreement is between Kade Greenland Film + Content and the “Responsible Party” (Client) as designated on the details sheet. Kade Greenland Film + Content agrees to provide videography services at the places, dates, and times specified in the “Wedding Day Details” of this document. If, for any reason that obligation cannot be met, Kade Greenland Film + Content will endeavor to rectify the problem or in extreme circumstances, organise a suitable substitute. The 30% non refundable deposit secures the dates and times for videography services. Although the deposit is not refundable, if the wedding is cancelled, it will remain as a 2-year studio credit toward a wedding video. By signing below or agreeing via the digital form, both parties agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document. Payment must be made in full before the specified wedding date unless otherwise specified by Kade Greenland Film + Content in writing. Failure to pay outstanding balances may result in the inability to provide services and/or legal action.

Wedding Videography The Videographer will do his best to capture the day in a manner that is pleasing to the clients and adheres to our professional standard. Kade Greenland Film + Content is not responsible for capturing video shots that are not requested. The Videographers are experienced and will, by default, seek to capture traditional and candid video shots (as well as time and circumstances allow). If the Responsible Party has certain angles, shots, or montages they wish captured, then they are required to inform the Videographer of the shots prior to the wedding day. Lighting is subject to venues and Kade Greenland Film + Content will not be held responsible for poor lighting at receptions and/or ceremony venues. 

Video Rights and Format Kade Greenland Film + Content maintains the right to use the video captured under this contract for advertising and portfolio use. This includes all commercial rights and use of the video including, but not limited to distribution of the video on Kade Greenland Film + Content’s website as a portfolio piece.

The video content will be given via digital HD delivery on a USB drive and uploaded via web-based video sharing platform under a private link.

Receiving Finished Product The client will receive their video within three months (usually sooner) of the wedding date or three months after receiving client song selections and materials. It is compulsory that sufficient time and effort is applied to the raw footage to achieve the level of professionalism Kade Greenland Film + Content offers. A copy of the final project will be stored on site and usually will be available if additional copies are needed. However, we do not guarantee that your video will always be available. The Client is responsible for archiving and ensuring the safe storage of their delivered files.

Re-Edits If for any reason the client strongly requests a re-edit of any section of the video, it will be considered by Kade Greenland Film + Content only if negligence or any accidental mistakes arises where Kade Greenland Film + Content is solely at fault. If this uncommon situation occurs, the re-edits will be completed free of charge. Any other re-edits will be billed at a rate of $100/hour for time involved.

Limited Liability The videographer’s liability is limited to fulfilling this agreement or to return all deposits made by the Client. Kade Greenland Film + Content will take the utmost care to produce a professional and enjoyable wedding compilation. However, Kade Greenland Film + Content will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond their control, including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape/flash card stock or cliental responsible parties’ misuse of equipment. If filming is prevented due to such occurrences, all money paid will be considered and a possible refund (deposit excluded) may occur. A product, if available, will be significantly discounted. Other rare but unfortunate circumstances that may occur where Kade Greenland Film + Content will not be held responsible to fulfill this contract include:

• Lateness due to unforeseen traffic conditions / involvement in road accident / vehicle break down

• Theft or destruction of equipment/memory cards

• Equipment malfunction including backup equipment malfunction

• Wedding guests impairing or hindering the wedding day shoot

• Kade Greenland Film + Content employee illness/injury

Guests Liability on Equipment Videography equipment is very expensive and will be monitored at all times of the wedding day. However, in the event of equipment damage due to children or drunken disorderly guests, repair costs will be forwarded to the responsible parties when insurance cover is not applicable.

Weather Conditions Kade Greenland Film + Content will not be held responsible for quality of footage when weather conditions do not permit equipment to be utilized to its full potential i.e. rain, downpour, thunderstorms, extreme heat. However the videographers will endeavour to maintain quality of footage whilst making sure equipment is not damaged as a result.

Being on Time Both the Videographer and Client are expected to be on time and ready for video shooting according to the times stated above. If the client or anyone from their party is late, the time the Videographer spends waiting will still be counted towards the time agreed upon in this contract. If the Videographer is late, the time the client spends waiting for the Videographer is NOT counted toward the time agreed to in this contract, and the Videographer is obligated to fulfil the full amount of time agreed to in this document.

Sole Videographer The client will actively work to help the videographer provide professional footage by ensuring that amateur photographers and videographers do not hinder or pose as an obstacle whilst shooting. If important shots are impaired by guests (i.e. Bridal ceremonial entry) Kade Greenland Film + Content will not be held responsible. Please note however that Kade Greenland Film + Content will endeavour to politely request that guests re-allocate if impairing the cameras line of view.

Ceremony / Reception Requirements Two cameras are used during the ceremony and reception to capture multiple angles of the same instance. This requires two camera people to operate both cameras simultaneously. Both camera people will require a seat at the reception and will leave and finish shooting once the bride and groom have left the reception venue. Seating is normally organized with the band table.